Hack Your Symbian Phone to Install All Apps(Signed&UnSigned)! DrWeb AV security hole

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Symbian hacked again!

Only for NOKIA!

Attachment(4shared) below contains all the files i used to hack my n97mini.

1. Connect phone with PC, or memory card to cardreader, or memory card to other non-nokia device (need access to private folder(e:\private ))-. If you will use E memory (mass storage, or memory card in devices without mass storage memory) download QuarantineDriversLDD.zip
-. If you will use F memory (memory card in devices with mass storage memory(f:\private)) download QuarantineF.zip
2. Unpack archive to choosen memory.
3. Download and install DrWeb6 for symbian
4. Launch DrWeb.(jzt ignore the registration,no probz)
5. Go to Options - Quarantine

6. Go Options - Select all
7. Go Options - Restore
-. RomPacther drivers now in c:\sys\bin folder
8. Download and install RomPacther+ 3.1 Lite
9. Launch RomPatcher+ and apply Server Rp+ patch and add to auto
-. Now you have access to write in all system folders
-. If need you can apply installserver patch, or found in web installserver.exe (installserver needs for installing all applications without any certificate restrictions). For S^3 use my instalslerver.

All greetings say to IAL from DimonVideo


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