mChek on Airtel – Mobile Based Payment System in India [m-commerce]

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What is 'mChek on Airtel'?
mChek on Airtel' is a service that enables payments and other commercial transactions using Airtel mobile phone. End-users can download the 'mChek on Airtel' application on their mobile handsets and use it for "Anytime, Anywhere, Any-purpose" payments & commerce in an easy-to-use, quick and secure manner only on Airtel Mobiles.

What can I do with 'mChek on Airtel' ?
You can use 'mChek on Airtel' to pay for and buy products and services. For example , you can currently use it for Airtel Post paid bill payment; Airtel Pre paid recharge and account to account Money Transfer only through a valid Debit Card. Over time you can use it to buy airline/train/movie tickets, buy books/flowers/gifts/prepaid cards/ gadgets/ appliances and even pay your utility bills

What do I need to start using 'mChek on Airtel' Service ?

* You need to have a valid Credit /Debit Card.
* You need to have a JAVA compatible Phone with Airtel Live activated
* You need to download the 'mChek on Airtel' application on your mobile handset
* Download instructions:

* SMS AIRTEL to 543219
* You will get a reply containing a link to download mChek.
* Don’t worry about downloading charges. Its free!

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