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We have had Greasemonkey scripts for Firefox and extensions on Chrome which allow people to sign in and jump from one Google account to another with a simple click of a button.

Google has been working on multiple sign in and I think it is being made widely available with many Google accounts.

Here is a image of my accounts which I managed to get multiple sign in option to be enabled.

How to enable Multiple Google accounts?

  • This way once you log in you will see options as seen in the image below when ever your sign into your Google account for Google Calendar, Google Docs

  • This is great because from a security point of view its better than any external browser extension.
  • If this option is not available to you now, do not worry it should be there within the next couple of days.

THANKS 2 Pranav

Free Favicon Maker Online Tool

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Use this online tool to easily create a favicon (favorites icon) foryour site. A favicon is a small, 16×16 image that is shown inside thebrowser’s location bar and bookmark menu when your site is called up.It is a good way to brand your site and increase it’s prominence inyour visitor’s bookmark menu.

5 Good Reasons to Use Web Site Templates

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Some of the main reasons to use the best template for your web site…

1.Professionally designed site

First appearances are everything, this is especially so on the internet. If your site looks amateurish then it is more than likely that someone will press the back button on their browser before they even read your home page, let alone buy anything from you. Web site templates get round this problem as they are designed by professionals who are creating web sites every day. This means that graphics will be well designed and load quickly when people visit your site. The basic design of the site will have been tested with several browsers to ensure compatibility and the navigation system will be functional.


A web site template costs between $20 – $70, compare this to a design cost from scratch of about $500 from a web site designer and you can see that you can make substantial savings by opting for the do it yourself approach. A template is a great starting point for a good looking, well designed site. All you need are some basic editing skills and appropriate software.


Quite simply editing a partially completed web site is much quicker than creating a site from scratch. You avoid problems such as creating navigation menus and optimizing graphics for fast loading of web pages. It typically takes a web designer 5 – 15 days to produce a high quality site.

4.Set structure

A lot of time can be wasted in deciding on the layout of a site. Using a template helps overcome design issues and enables you to focus purely on content. That way you can achieve a more polished product.

5.Universal language

Most web site templates are available either as basic HTML files or as more sophisticated flash sites. The more professional retailers will give you both versions.

This means that if you are working to a budget then you could use a low cost HTML editor to get by or, if you wanted your visitors to have a more involved experience, then you could invest in premium products from Macromedia, Adobe or Microsoft that support most of the features you could ever wish to add to your site.

Essential Web Development Tools

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Developing a successful web site takes a great deal of planning and preparation. An important part of your preparation is obtaining the essential tools of the trade.

HTML Editors

An HTML editor is a software program used to create and edit HTML documents.

Although some Internet marketers prefer to write their own HTML code, most prefer to use an HTML editor, as it can greatly simplify a somewhat difficult process. However, using an HTML editor has its disadvantages, as some editors have a tendency to add a lot of unnecessary coding and may not support the latest technologies.

Whether you will be writing your own HTML or using an editor, taking the time to learn HTML is very important. Not only will you gain your independence, but you’ll also have the ability to add special effects that many HTML editors don’t support.

Here are some popular HTML editors:

Macromedia Dreamweaver
A popular WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) HTML editor. Great for beginners and advanced users alike.

Coffee Cup
A popular HTML editor that’s great for beginners as well as advanced users. Includes a built in browser that will enable you to instantly preview your HTML as you go.

Hot Dog Professional
Three HTML editors, including HotDog Junior for children, PageWiz for the novice user and Professional for advanced and budding webmasters.

Text Editors

A text editor is a software program used for editing plain text that doesn’t add any special formatting.

If you’re considering writing your own HTML code, you’ll need a good text editor. Although it will certainly be more time consuming, your code will be much cleaner and can reduce your file size considerably.

In addition to using a text editor to write HTML, it can also be used to edit scripts and write articles.

If you have a Windows operating system, Note Pad is the preferred text editor. It should already be installed on your computer.

Although Note Pad is a great little text editor, it can’t handle large files and is much better suited for smaller jobs. You may find that you’d like an editor that is more powerful, such as:

NoteTab Pro


File Transfer Protocol, better known as FTP, is a procedure used to upload and download files to and from your web server.

Although many HTML editors will enable you to edit and transfer pages to your server, an FTP program is still an essential tool, as you must have complete control over the files on your server.

An FTP program will enable you to upload scripts, set file permissions, create folders and transfer files to and from your server.

In order to use FTP, you’ll need to download and install a software program on your computer. The most widely used FTP program is WS FTP Pro

Graphics Editor

A graphics editor is a software program that will enable you to design and edit graphics.

Graphic design is an intimidating subject for many Internet entrepreneurs. However, most of us must learn some basic design techniques in order to avoid the high costs of hiring a professional designer.

The most popular program used by Internet marketers is Paint Shop Pro. This powerful program is the only program you’ll need to design professional looking graphics.

Zip/Unzip Software

A Zip file is an “archive” of one or more files compressed into one file for easy distribution.

Zip files are used to compress and transport file archives over the Internet. It is the preferred method used for electronic file distribution, as rather than downloading several different files, you can simply download one Zip file. In addition, the download time will be minimized, as the files within the Zip archive are compressed.

Once a Zip file is downloaded, it can be easily opened and extracted (unzipped) with a Zip/Unzip software program.

Although there are many Zip software programs available on the Internet, WinZip is the most popular. WinZip makes working with file archives simple. It features an easy point-and-click, drag-and-drop interface for viewing, extracting, adding, deleting and testing archived files.

You can download a fully functional evaluation version here:


Although most Internet Service Providers include email accounts for their customers, these accounts aren’t adequate for an Internet business — especially if you get a large amount of email. Not only do the email addresses contain your ISP’s name, but they are also very limited on features and options.

The two most popular email clients used online are Outlook and Eudora. These programs will enable you to download email from your server and offer features, such as sorting and
filtering, and will enable you to easily organize your email messages. What’s more, your email address will be your own domain — not someone else’s.


Your webmaster toolbox will play an important part in your success. Take the time to ensure your toolbox contains these essential tools and you’ll be well on your way to designing a professional web site.

Web Design Tips

December 18, 2008 | Website Trix | 1 Comment

While designing web sites it is important to keep in the mind the platform, popularly used web browsers and of course the users. One more important element of website design is search engines compatibility, since eventually the search engines will index the site to present it to the users in a search. How much the search engines give importance to your website depends a lot on the how the website is designed.
These tips will help web designers to justify what is stated above.

1) Use colors carefully such that they are brand appropriate or do justice to whatever the site is providing. This applies to the text, text fonts, background and the content provided.

2) Use tag lines, which highlight the essential features of the site and catch the attention of the readers, since visitors do not read the text fully. Set your content in proper paragraphs and columns for increased readability and appearance.

3) Avoid Flash and client side scripts on main pages. Do not use FRAMES since search engines find it difficult to index pages using the above technologies.

4) Use high-resolution graphics which are light in weight for faster downloading. The images should add to the content and help in describing the sites resources and services. The images should be appropriately placed on the web pages. Use alt text to describe the images properly for photo optimization.

5) For search engine optimization use descriptive title and meat tags since the search engine use these to some extent to index and rank your website.

6) Avoid using gate away or doorway pages which lead to the main page this is spamming and your website may be banned by major search engines. Do not resort to cloaking and over use of keywords.

7) Most important do not copy content from other websites to avoid facing duplicate content penalty. This was the practice widely resorted to earlier. It is wiser to have a content writer in the web development team.

How to create a logo

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Come to us, we can create a logo. There are many ways to create a logo,but most probably peoples are using the internet as a source of logo making. Internet carries a lots of websites,forums,threads about the issue, but some of us dont know how to access it.

> A Good source

First is to search for a good source in Internet. A good source means one who gives an apt logo which makes attractions to our eyes and the others. Mainly it describes by different companies. They are making attracting logos and making a high price for it, but some are there making it as a service and giving to all the peoples as free. Some of them are :

and more..

> None of this ?

If you find no apt logos for your company or group, there are many other companies who provides the logos that we say in an accurate aim, and in this list, the most used company to create this is TREND INDIA, if u want to make logos like that, contact them through emails.

Their email id is: