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Disabling Right Click

December 14, 2008 | Bloggers Choice | No Comments

Many bloggers don’t like their unique content copied by other users, these include images and the source code of their web page.An easy way to protect your content is by disabling right click. For that, Go to Layout—->Page Elements—-> Add A Gadget—-> HTML/Javascript and put the following content in it.

Text Area for blogger

December 14, 2008 | Bloggers Choice | No Comments

A text area can be used by an user to input unlimited text within a small place. They are most useful in forms, also for allowing text to be copied. Now i will teach you how to use textarea in blogger There are two types: read only, and editable. For using a editable textarea just use this code.

For using a read only textarea use this code.

You can increase the no: of rows by changing the value of ‘rows=”2″‘ to your desired value.
You can increase the no: of columns by changing the value of ‘cols=”20″‘to your desired value.

Show Related Article to Your Post

December 14, 2008 | Bloggers Choice | No Comments

The advantage of showing related article to your post is it will help your readers find more information related to the topics. This is base on label or category. This is usually put to the end of the article. After your visitors finish read your article, they will find some links that related to the post base on label or category.
Here’s the tutorial to create “related article to your spot”:

1. Login to Blogger
2. Go to “Layout–>Edit HTML”
3. Click on “Expand Widgets Template” checkbox.
4. Then download SCRIPT HERE.
5. Open it then copy the scripts.
6. Paste the script after this code : . If you have “Read more widget” you will find two codes. Put it under the first code.
7. Save your template.

Good Luck…

Mozilla Firefox is my no. 1 web browser and I also must to admit that it is the most used application on my desktop. I’m using it on daily basis and as I like to do things fast and in a comfortable way I’m using keyboard shortcuts. I thought that they could help to many of my readers too, so I’d love to share them with you:

1. Ctrl+T [open a new tab]
2. Ctrl+W [close current tab]
3. Alt+D [go to address bar]Mozilla Firefox logo
4. Ctrl+K [go to search bar]
5. Ctrl+Shift+T [reopen the latest closed tab]
6. Ctrl+F [search the page]
7. Ctrl++ or Ctrl+- [increase/decrease text size]
8. F5 [refresh (reload) page]
9. Alt+Home [go to homepage]
10. Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab (or Ctrl+PageUp and Ctrl+PageDown) [go to the next/previous tab]

The order of shortcuts is random as I’m using them also randomly, but those are my most used keyboard shortcuts in Firefox.

What cool (productive|killer|hidden|whatever) shortcuts do you use? Share them with us in the comments!

How Google Detects Invalid Clicks

December 14, 2008 | Internet Cafe | No Comments

We always hear that Google has a sophisticated system to detect the invalid clicks, and result in termination of the cheaters’ account. But, how can Google do that? In this post, I summarize those ways that Google depends on to detect whether the clicks on your site are invalid or not. Google will not first ban your account immediately. Rather, they will first flag your account and Google will keep a closer eye to your account. In some occasion, they may send you a warning letter to notify your situation; but sometimes not.

1. IP Address

It is the easist and must be recognized by everyone. If those clicks on your ads are originated from the same IP Address as the one used for accessing your AdSense account, your account is flagged.

2. Click Through Rate (CTR)

Normally, Click thru Rate should not excees 10%. Otherwise, Google will flag your account. For your information, normal CTR should ranges from 0.5% – 10%.

3. Physical Location

Google has good tracing software and technology.They can trace traffics origin down to the small town. So, using different computers with different IP address does not secure anything. So, don’t try to click your ads in various internet cafes. That will kill you.

4. Cookies

Most home users do not use static IP Address for Internet connection. In most cases just disconnect and reconnect will give you a new IP Address. But don’t forget, Google has set cookies on your computer. They can trace these cookies and see whether they originate from the same computer.

5. Click Pattern 1

It is also suspicious when people click on their clicks and then run away immediately (hit-and-run). But normally, people will surf for a while inside your pages and then click on the ads they want.

6. Click Pattern 2

why this computer / IP address / person is so trigger-click-happy on this particular website but never click on the ads on other sites?

7. Click Pattern 3

And why is it that people accessing these sites direct (type-in URL or from bookmark) tend to be very active ad-clickers compared with those referred from search engine or other sites?

8.Other Google Services

Apart from Google Adsense, Google also provide a series of services to us. Don’t just think that it is safe if you do not log in your adsense account and click on your ads. What other Google services do they provide to us? Here are some: Gmail (most poeple are using it), Google Earth, Google Calendar, Google Search, Google Toolbar, Google Talk, Google Sitemap, Google Desktop, Blogger, or even Youtube (coz Google has just recently acquired it).

10. Search Engine Ranking
Your website is not indexed on any search engine, not linked by any prominent website, but get consistently high traffic? How come people can access your website and click your ads? That will make Google to smell a rat.

11. Webpage design
How about the “Please click a link below” or “donate us by clicking the ads”? These kinds of encouragement is not in line with Google’s TOS. Google can use their winning search engine, or even human eyes to check your sites from time to time.

12. Advertisers conversion rate

Ad click is one thing. But does it bring value to the advertisers? If none of the clicks on your site translate to conversion to the advertiser, you are in trouble. First the Smart-Pricing hits, then your AdSense account disabled.

Nokia’s Full Touchscreen Phone For 2009

December 14, 2008 | Mobile Center | No Comments

Is this a slated touchscreen phone for 2009 from the Finish cell phone maker, Nokia? I’d say ‘no’, but if anything it provides some clues, if not queues, to where they plan to go with their handsets and UI. For the record, this is a marketing slide from Nokia’s Capital Markets Day in Brooklyn yesterday, which makes it even more unlikely that it’s an actual handset. After all, they kept such tight raps on the N97, why would they let a ground breaking device like this out the bag so easily.

Greasemonkey for Mozilla Firefox

December 14, 2008 | Internet Cafe | No Comments

Greasemonkey is a Mozilla Firefox extension that allows users to install scripts that make on-the-fly changes to most HTML-based web pages. As Greasemonkey scripts are persistent, the changes made to the web pages are executed every time the page is opened, making them effectively permanent for the user running the script.

Greasemonkey can be used for adding new functionality to web pages (for example, embedding price comparison in web pages), fixing rendering bugs, combining data from multiple webpages, and numerous other purposes. Well-written Greasemonkey scripts can integrate changes so well that their additions appear to be natural parts of the web page.

1 . Download Mozilla Firefox
2 . Install GreaseMonkey
3 . Try GreaseMonkey Scripts

What is ‘mChek on Airtel’?
mChek on Airtel’ is a service that enables payments and other commercial transactions using Airtel mobile phone. End-users can download the ‘mChek on Airtel’ application on their mobile handsets and use it for “Anytime, Anywhere, Any-purpose” payments & commerce in an easy-to-use, quick and secure manner only on Airtel Mobiles.

What can I do with ‘mChek on Airtel’ ?
You can use ‘mChek on Airtel’ to pay for and buy products and services. For example , you can currently use it for Airtel Post paid bill payment; Airtel Pre paid recharge and account to account Money Transfer only through a valid Debit Card. Over time you can use it to buy airline/train/movie tickets, buy books/flowers/gifts/prepaid cards/ gadgets/ appliances and even pay your utility bills

What do I need to start using ‘mChek on Airtel’ Service ?

* You need to have a valid Credit /Debit Card.
* You need to have a JAVA compatible Phone with Airtel Live activated
* You need to download the ‘mChek on Airtel’ application on your mobile handset
* Download instructions:

* SMS AIRTEL to 543219
* You will get a reply containing a link to download mChek.
* Don’t worry about downloading charges. Its free!

Links :